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Agri-Chemical Labels

At Pacific Labels we are proud to be acknowledged as being specialists in the planning, management and supply of self-adhesive labels to the Chemical Industry, particularly the Agri-Chem Industry.
We are capable of long and short run, small and large multi-colour laminated synthetic labels. With access and knowledge as to the materials and adhesives required for all standard packs and pack sizes, from 250ml to 1000L and beyond with maximum UV resistant inks, we have the product looking good well beyond the farm gate.

Whether it is extended information label/leaflet combinations, large pack size label sets or single labels, we specialise in finding the best and most economical solutions for all standard and specialty applications.

We have a sound understanding that certain industries must act quickly in supplying their products when the market presents urgent requirements. We pride ourselves on ensuring the most demanding requirements are met.

All labels printed at Pacific Labels are of the highest quality and are produced to the strictest of quality guidelines, as is paramount in the chemical industry, edition control concerning regulatory matters in text and graphics is vital in our QA procedures.

Petro Chemical Labels

We have been servicing the Petro Chemical industry for over 30 years with our label products being of high durability, extreme lightfastness, solvent resistant and a robust attractive finish are complimented with the correct adhesives and face stocks to suit various application and filling requirements. Our experience in the Petro Chemical industry ensures Pacific Labels can assist you with everything from your high quality market appearance right through to end us functionalities for all your chemical labelling requirements.

Food and Beverage Labels

Our ability to produce high impact, great looking product labels has been recognised by the food and beverage service industry. Offering  a range of adhesive and face stock combinations that suit fridge, freezer, heat or other influences that may impact your product, we not only offer great looking packaging we also understand your manufacturing processes. We are also simply, quite the best at understanding the market urgencies that producers of fast moving goods face from time to time and are always reliable for quick turnover when required.

Neutraceutical Labels

We also provide labelling solutions for veterinary, vitamin, supplement, nutrition and animal health products. All of which we understand are required to look great as well as adhere to the strict control measures and accountability that is necessary in the manufacture and supply of such. Whether is be extended information labels, consecutive numbering and coding, or specialty embellishments, you can be assured from proof to print Pacific Labels will supply you with confidence and accuracy every time.

General Product and Promotional Labels

We supply a vast range of product labels such as home cleaning, cosmetic, personal care, and general use labels. Our range of materials and embellishments will guarantee a fantastic high quality look that will also be water, oil and chemical resistant. 

Specialty Labels

Pacific Labels is renowned as a quality supplier of promotional and multi-layer labels within the print and packaging industry. Supplying specialty labels such as multi-layer piggyback constructions, peel 'n' re-seal labels, extended information labels, and unsupported tags. We specialise in finding the best, most economical and functional solutions for all specialty applications.

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