Quality Assurance

Mission Statement
Pacific Labels' purpose is to meet or exceed our customers' expectations by being the best at what we do through team work and responsible action, in a manner sufficiently efficient to achieve an acceptable profit thus providing continuity of employment and company growth.

Quality Assurance
To ensure the quality of our products we at Pacific Labels have implemented and completed a stringent and comprehensive quality assurance program.
By achieving ISO 9002 certification we have demonstrated that our quality management systems meet the most comprehensive of the ISO standards.
Our dedication to quality products and facilities keeps us at the forefront of our industry.

Why Certification is important
ISO standards are rapidly becoming a prerequisite for doing business.
Certification demonstrates our commitment to achieving an unsurpassed level of quality.
Certification provides the impetus for us to organize and manage all facets of our operations at the highest possible level.

Pacific Labels Environmental Policy
Pacific Labels is committed to carrying out its business in a manner which ensures that reasonable and responsible consideration is given to the protection of the environment.
Pacific Labels will continue its business and operations in compliance with all applicable environmental legislation through continual reduction and control of environmentally harmful emissions and wastes from its operations.

Customer Service
The Customer Support team focuses on the unique needs and requirements of each customer and their particular market segment. Beyond that, a "total team" approach is integrated throughout our company, ensuring that the most demanding requirements and specifications for each customer are met.

Pacific Labels, a subsidiary of the Topflight International Group.
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